12 Steps to Success in BusinessLife

The purpose of 12 Steps to Success in BusinessLife is to share my coaching experience with you. I want you to benefit from what I have learned in the past 22 years working with over 5000 business owners and managers who were dealing with the challenges of starting and growing a successful business.

I gathered the steps I use in my coaching process and created this book. I want to enable you to start with your intentions and end up with the success and happiness you desire. I recognize that most people go into business to make more money and have more free time to spend with their family. What they usually end up with is making less money than they did in their JOB and working a lot more hours than they ever expected.

Unless people have help in setting up their lives to win in the game of BusinessLife, they will not accomplish their original intentions.  This is your help.  

Download Step 12 – “Happy as our gift.

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