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“Sometime people ask me if they will be happy once they are successful.

The answer is, no.

A pile of money is just a pile of paper….You supply the happiness.


I open chapter 12 of my new book, 12 Steps to Success in BusinessLIfe, with the above paragraph. So many times, my clients think that happiness can be bought or obtained with the next big sale, the next new toy, the bigger house. The list goes on.

Because there are so many of you looking for happiness in this busy world we live in, I would like to offer you Step 12: Happiness from my 12 Steps to Success in BusinessLIfe book. This is a gift from me to help those who are struggling to find happiness in their lives.

I teach you how to define happiness based on my Whole Life Matrix and why it’s so important for you to achieve. What joy is and making new choices to remove your –unhappiness.

I even share my Secret of Life with you in this step and the “Happiness Tool” so you can write your own road to happiness.

Download Step 12 – totally free as my gift to you.


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