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Dear Ralph,

holtorf_medical_groupI was recently interviewed in Smart Business so I wanted to pass on the article (read the full article here). Thank you for providing me with the skill-set to be sought after for such an interview. As a doctor, I am passionate about medicine but had no management training and found the management side of running a busy practice to be very frustrating. It was one of the least enjoyable aspects of my job, and I did just enough management to allow the center to run.

Since then, you have provided me with solutions to problems that I thought were unfixable. Each week I look forward to another practical solution that not only saves time and money but also improves efficiency and employee (and patient) satisfaction. Before your coaching, I really did not know what I didn’t know. With your coaching, we have been able to implemented systems that allow us to be able to launch centers across the county. I attribute much of our success to your steady guidance and direction. The possibilities really are unlimited.


Kent Holtorf, MD

Holtorf Medical Group

Kent Holtorf, MD Holtorf Medical Group

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