People spend a lot of time each week reading and writing emails and many messages compete for their attention. This means that when you send an email to someone, it is best if it is concise, well-written, and gets their attention. The following tips will help to ensure that your emails will be seen and that you will get a response.

1. Write a Relevant Subject Line
The subject line should clearly indicate the reason for your email so that people will immediately know what your message will be about. For example, a good subject line is “Meeting Agenda for Tues, 5-1-17”.

2. Make Your Message Short
It has been found that shorter emails are responded to faster. They increase productivity for everyone since people need to spend less time on reading them and writing them. To make your emails shorter, try removing unnecessary words and sentences and keep your sentences short. Use language that is easy to understand.

3. Make Your Point Quickly
In your email, it is best to quickly make your point so that the reader will know what you want fast and won’t exit your email as something to get back to later, in which case they may never get back to it. Start your email with the greeting, then state why you are emailing, next give more details, and finally, include a clear call to action if a call to action is needed.

4. Use Bullet Points
Using numbered lists or bullet points is best when possible because they organize your message into clear points or steps and use fewer words. This also helps to get and keep the attention of the person reading the message.

5. Use Numbers Well
There are ways that you can use numbers in your email that will make your message stand out and look relevant. Instead of using words to represent numbers, use numerals such as 27. This is easier and faster to read and takes up less writing space.

6. Create a Call to Action
If your message includes a call to action, tell the recipient the reason you would like them to take action so that they understand the impact their action will have. Include the call to action as the final piece of your email so that the reader will not need to search for it in the body of the email and they will be more likely to remember it and take action.

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