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Hollywood Trading Company (HTC), was born in the 1990′s in Los Angeles, California, out of an obsession for vintage, American leather accessories.  A combination of history and reclamation led to reinterpreting their exceptional, historical workmanship with a product that soon captured the attention of fans and retailers with its unique vision of iconic and timeless fashion accessories and apparel.  This is the strongest feature that makes HTC one of the most important points of reference for those passionate for vintage around the world.  Design is focused on a meticulous importance in the details and a thorough research of vintage interpretation.  Made in the USA and Italy, HTC brings hand craftsmanship back into the forefront as each piece is created and finished by hand.  HTC can be found in exclusive specialty boutiques around the world: Neiman Marcus, Fred Segal Trend Los Angeles, L’Eclaireur, Harvey Nichols and Excelsior Milan, Restir Tokyo and I.T. in Hong Kong.

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