Manage2Win Course

Are you overwhelmed by the demands on your time and attention?

Do you set the same priorities day after day without ever completing your intended task?

How often do you say “I would delegate, but it is faster to do it myself.

At Possibilities Unlimited, we coach people to manage particles of information and activity in order to win the game. We believe the key to success is to focus on what you are doing, not things that will be done later or not at all. We provide our clients with tools to be fully present to the task at hand, bringing exponential results in creativity and productivity.

The training consists of eight one-hour phone sessions led by the Possibilities Unlimited coaching staff. You’ll be joined by other professionals who are also looking to improve their results by managing the particles that exist around them.

Session Topics:

  1. Time Management: Producing bigger results. (2 sessions)
  2. Time Management: Producing bigger results.
  3. Effective Delegation: Producing results through others.
  4. Managing Information: Keeping things in existence.
  5. Our Core Values: Having the right staff and customers.
  6. Managing Myself: The Three Laws of Performance.
  7. High-Performance Team: How we play the game.
  8. Tracking Results: How we know we are winning the game.

Manage2Win is for everyone who wants to manage their daily activities to achieve breakthrough results. Our clients have observed that changing the way they approach their time and activities has opened up new worlds of possibilities.

Courses Offered

Possibilities Unlimited offers courses during the year.  Each are designed to help in areas of your business and life to help you over the bumps and propel you to your goals.  Get more details by clicking the courses below.