How can you be successful in sales?  We offer some tips here:

1.  Know your target market.  Make a list of all the people in your target market and where you can find those people online and offline. For example, they may be participating in groups such as LinkedIn groups.  Participate in these groups and connect with them.

2.  Prioritize tasks and make the most of your time to work smarter not harder.  At the end of the day, take some time to write down the priorities for the next day.  This way, when you start your day, you will be focused and on track to accomplish what you need to get done.

3.  Make it a priority to follow up with people you have spoken to.  Use database software to track who you have spoken to and when and who you need to follow up with.  Some people may be interested in your product, but not yet ready to buy.  You might follow up with them in the future, such as in a couple of months.  You can set up alerts to remind you of follow ups.

4.  Use an online scheduling system to schedule appointments with perspective clients.  You can email a link for scheduling or embed the scheduling software on your site.  This software makes it more convenient both for you and for the perspective client to schedule a time for a conversation that will work for both of you.

5.  Write and send written thank you notes to show your appreciation.  Today, many people use email only, but sending a hand-written thank you note will make you stand out and will be appreciated by the receiver.  You might also consider sending a gift card with your letter.

6. Stay positive. This will help you in all areas of your life, not just sales. The most successful sales people are the most optimistic and do not take rejection personally.

7. Have a mission statement and remind yourself of it regularly. This will help to keep you on track and will help to put things into perspective.

8. Schedule tasks into a calendar. This will help you to see the big picture and what details need your attention. Also schedule time off to relax and recharge.

9. Surround yourself with positive people. As the saying goes “Your attitude determines your altitude”. Positive people will help you to stay focused and positive, which will help you to accomplish your goals.

10. Learn from past successes and failures. When you fail or succeed, ask yourself why it happened and how you can use this information in the future to achieve success.

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