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“In matters of healing the body or the mind, vacation is a true genius!”

— Mehmet Murat ldan

Do you find yourself saying “I need a vacation”, but you can’t seem to get yourself to actually take time off? Perhaps you always feel like there is a lot to do and there is no time left to fit a vacation into your busy schedule. The good news is that it is possible for you to take time off if you budget your time well or delegate tasks to others while you are on vacation. And there are some great reasons for getting away from work.

1. Create a Documentation of Processes
Document the processes of your business so that when you go on vacation, those you delegate tasks to will be able to find answers to any questions without needing to call you. You may also need to provide some training before you leave and find extra backup. Going through this preparation process can also strengthen your business because you may identify things that need to be improved and it can also help you to gradually delegate more and more tasks to others so that your business becomes more self-sustaining.

2. Better Work Quality
You may be under the impression that taking time off will cause your work to suffer, but it is more likely that the opposite is true. When you get away for a while and rest your mind and body, your energy will recharge and you will do better work, feel more relaxed and have a clearer mind for focus, decision-making, and creativity.  Taking time off also results in fewer sick days.

3. Vacation Length
Believing that you need to take a long vacation abroad may be keeping you from taking any time off at all. Actually, most people take mini vacations for summer, which are only 3 to 4 days long. If you don’t have much time to take off, even taking a couple of days off and doing something fun can make a difference in how you feel.

4. Explore Local Areas
You don’t need to travel far or to another country to have a great vacation. Especially if you have a limited time or budget for a vacation, you can explore places nearby and participate in activities like kayaking, hiking and biking. Often, there are interesting things in our own backyard that we are not even aware of because we have been too busy to explore them.

5. Returning from Vacation
It is recommended that you return from vacation on a Saturday rather than Sunday because returning earlier will give you a chance to readjust, rest from jet lag, and give you time to unpack and catch up on tasks around your house. Once you are back at work, you might consider leaving your out of office message on for a couple of days until you get caught up with work. Check on how things went while you were away. What things worked well and were there any breakdowns?  Adjust your documentation of processes based on your findings.

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