Sales2Win Course

Are you winning the game of sales?

Do you know how to distinguish yourself in the marketplace as a high-powered salesperson, someone who consistently produces top results?

Or are you sitting on the sidelines, wondering how to get in the game?

Let Sales2Win take the mystery out of successful selling. We break the sales process into key training objectives that boost your understanding of how sales occur and how to make them happen. Sales2Win will shift your perspective on sales and give you tools to increase your productivity and proficiency. This unique training course will break down your barriers to selling and set you on a step-by-step winning path.

The training consists of recurring one-hour phone sessions led by the Possibilities Unlimited coaching staff. You’ll be joined by other professionals, who, like you, are eager to design a bigger sales game with bigger results.

Every class will cover some facet of the sales process. Bring your challenges and concerns to the call and get coaching from Ralph and other class participants.

Topics may include:

  1. Your Relationship to Sales: Redefining your sales process.
  2. The Possibility: Defining, structuring and committing to a sales possibility.
  3. Time Management: Proven tactics to insure that you are constantly selling.
  4. Creating Opportunities for Sales/Prospecting: Training on what actions are necessary in order for sales to occur.
  5. Social Networking: Positioning your company, and yourself, in the marketplace.
  6. Steps of Selling: Identifying and qualifying prospects, customer relationship management, the pre-approach and approach, presentation, handling objections, closing the deal and follow-up.

Sales2Win is for everyone who is interested in moving ahead in sales, from entry-level salespeople to seasoned sales veterans. Our clients will tell you that Sales2Win changes the way they relate to selling. This shift in thinking opens up possibilities and produces exponential results.

Courses Offered

Possibilities Unlimited offers courses during the year.  Each are designed to help in areas of your business and life to help you over the bumps and propel you to your goals.  Get more details by clicking the courses below.