Profit2Win Course

The first rule of business is: Thou shalt make a profit. At Possibilities Unlimited, we always say that if you are not making a profit, you have a hobby, and not a business.

  • How do you measure and track profit?
  • What is driving profit in your company?
  • Can you design a reliable profit plan?

We will analyze all the parts of your business that impact profit, and teach you how to manage for efficiencies and cost reductions. We will work with you to craft unpredictable, unprecedented profit intentions and map out a distinct action plan for results.

The training consists of eight one-hour phone sessions led by the Possibilities Unlimited coaching staff. You’ll be joined by other sales professionals, who, like you, are eager to deliver on their profit intentions.

Session Topics:

  1. Setting Intentions: Analysis of your company’s strengths and weaknesses
  2. Sales & Marketing Systems: The drivers of revenue
  3. Delivery Systems: Operations and efficiencies
  4. Tracking profit: Understanding the numbers and staying in front of them
  5. High-Performance Teams: Aligning on the bigger picture
  6. Time Management: How does it all get done?
  7. Delegation: Setting up for the win
  8. Keeping it in Existence: Profit for the long haul.

Courses Offered

Possibilities Unlimited offers courses during the year.  Each are designed to help in areas of your business and life to help you over the bumps and propel you to your goals.  Get more details by clicking the courses below.