The WholeLife Matrix – Deeper Dive Course lays out life’s big picture giving the bird’s eye view of the road to happiness and success.

Each area of your life is covered bringing you more happiness, more success, deeper meaningful relationships and spiritual awareness.

Financial Viability

  1. Resource Management
  2. Profitability – Finances
  3. Marketing – Sales
  4. Production – Delivery


  1. Significant Other
  2. Friends
  3. Family
  4. Staff and Colleagues

Personal Awareness

  1. Self
  2. Spirit
  3. Community
  4. Environment

Health and Wellbeing

  1. Vacation
  2. Time off
  3. Having fun
  4. Exercise and fitness

This tool guides you to stability as you give time and attention to the key areas of life.

Click on each section to see details of each area.


The WholeLife Matrix is so important, it’s Step 9 of 12 Steps to Success in BusinessLife book and also a free bi-monthly live course conducted over the phone.

Participation in the course is by invitation only. I am currently offering the course free of charge so this is a great chance to get some free coaching and use the momentum of a group to propel your results to the next level.
Will you devote two hours a month to working with other like-minded individuals putting your thoughts into action?

2018 Deeper Dive Schedule

The Deeper Dive group call continues every other Tuesday from 11am – noon PST

Calls are at 11 am to noon PST.   Use the button below to receive your invitation to join the calls.
  • Aug 13, 27
  • Sept 10, 24
  • Oct 8, 22
  • Nov 5, 19
  • Dec 3, 17
  • No call on Dec 31st


  • Jan 14, 28
Step 9 The WholeLife Matrix Ralph White

Download Step 9 – The WholeLife Matrix as our gift.

Step 9 of 12 Steps to Success BusinessLife sets a solid foundation for all areas of your life. Each quadrant covers a section of your life.  

  • Financial Viability
  • Relationships
  • Health 
  • Well Being and Personal Awareness 

Step 9  – The WholeLife Matrix will walk you through each area to help you get your life in balance and is the foundation of our Deeper Dive course

Courses Offered

Possibilities Unlimited offers courses during the year.  Each are designed to help in areas of your business and life to help you over the bumps and propel you to your goals.  Get more details by clicking the courses below.