12 Steps to Success in BusinessLife

12_steps_to_successWhether you are a budding entrepreneur, battle-hardened small business owner, sales person or corporate exec — you are in business to make a profit, increase sales and productivity while being able to enjoy ample quality time with friends and family.

Why then does it seem a constantly uphill battle to do so?

Why do so few succeed?

If author and acclaimed business coach Ralph White were to distill his near half century of successful coaching and management experience down to a few words, what is his secret to success in business?

“All you have is time,” Ralph explains.  If a key purpose of life is to do work you love, to earn money, enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, and be free to spend time with those you love — everything you have is based on where or how you have spent your time. And whatever you want, you will have to spend your time on it, or pay someone to spend their time on it. It’s as simple as that.

Doesn’t seem like rocket science. Why then does it seem so elusive, filled with seemingly endless obstacles, setbacks, conflicting priorities and impossible personalities?

Once you read the 12 steps outlined with real-life examples and a treasure trove of Tool Kit worksheets in Ralph’s book, five years in the making, available at PossibilitiesUnlimited.com

But before you click, consider a snippet that indirectly addresses why success seems so elusive, and illustrates Ralph’s accumulated wisdom and simplicity of presentation. Do you find it difficult to change and adapt new business practices? This, then, is Ralph’s list of five things to “GIVE UP” in order to find the success that awaits us all:

  • This includes not just your fear of not doing it right, but also the fear that your employees will screw it up too.
  • Impulse. Stop flying by the seat of your pants. Give up acting on impulse; make and stick to your plan.
  • Forget about being popular. You cannot be popular and lead a company.
  • Stop beating yourself up for getting it wrong. Make mistakes, get over it and move on quickly.
  • Lone Wolf. Don’t do it alone. Get a coach. This will enable you to “release it, complete it and start afresh every week.”

Sounds simple enough, but Ralph’s book provides an easy-to-follow blueprint. As to his fifth “Lone Wolf – give-it-up” suggestion to get a business coach? His book is so well organized and indexed, it serves as an invaluable, constant companion reference manual, a “business coach in your pocket” (or in your tablet’s Kindle) that you can refer to in real time when challenges arise.

 Step 9 of the 12 Steps to Success BusinessLife sets a solid foundation for all areas of your life. We quadrant covers a section of your life.  Financial Viability, Relationships, Health and Well Being and Personal Awareness.  Step 9 will walk you through each area to help you get your life in balance.  

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