I believe the best method of learning something new is “See One, Do One, Teach One.”  This is how medical doctors train. They watch a procedure, they perform the procedure (possibly many times), then they teach the procedure.

In my book, 12 Steps to Success in BusinessLife, I gathered my best coaching wisdom and practices from my decades of coaching motivated, committed individuals like yourself. My path to coaching began with my own coach over 30 years ago. I practiced what I was taught, experiencing breakthrough results in my BusinessLife. As a coach, I now teach and motivate others. However, at the same time, I am continually learning, gathering fresh ideas and strategies for my clients. So it is a continuous cycle of learning, practicing, and teaching.

You are seeking a breakthrough in your life, even if you cannot identify what that breakthrough will look like. But you will not see results unless you actively follow the steps I have laid out for you. I want to make the process of taking action as easy as possible for you, so you have no possible excuse for not having results.

In my Took Kit, you will find exercises for each chapter and step of the book. Collectively, these exercises are your “Toolkit” which will guide you to unprecedented results. To download these worksheets, complete the form below, then check your email.

As you use these tools, I encourage you to teach them to someone else.  In doing so, you will realize a deeper understanding of the power of each tool and its ability to transform your BusinesLife.

12 Steps to Success in BusinessLife Tool Kit

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Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, battle-hardened small business owner, sales person or corporate exec — you are in business to make a profit, increase sales and productivity while being able to enjoy ample quality time with friends and family.

  • Why then does it seem a constant uphill battle to do so?
  • Why do so few succeed?

Author and acclaimed business coach, Ralph White has distilled his over half-century of successful coaching and management into his 12 Steps to Success in BusinessLife book. Using the Tool Kit will bring to life each chapter by seeing and doing the exercises Ralph has laid out for success.

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“All you have is time,” Ralph explains.  If the purpose of life is to do work you love, to earn money, enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, and be free to spend time with those you love — everything you have is based on where or how you have spent your time. And whatever you want, you will have to spend your time on it, or pay someone to spend their time on it. It’s as simple as that.

Doesn’t seem like rocket science. Why then does it seem so elusive, filled with seemingly endless obstacles, setbacks, conflicting priorities and impossible personalities?

Once you read the 12 steps outlined with real-life examples and a treasure trove of Tool Kit worksheets in Ralph’s book, five years in the making,  you will have a much clearer picture of how to live a successful and happy life.

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12 Steps to Success in BusinessLife Tool Kit