7 Tips for Creating an Effective Landing Page that Converts

Creating an Effective Landing Page that Converts

Designing a landing page that looks appealing to your audience is just one part of creating an effective landing page. You also need to make sure that it is designed with elements that will help increase its conversion rate. Here are some tips for what elements to include in your design.


When creating the general design for a landing page, there are several questions to consider such as:

● Is the page clear, concise, and does it have a good design?
● Is the design compatible with the theme of the business and its colors and logo?
● Have all the navigation elements on the page been removed so that a visitor won’t be able to easily leave the page.


The headline of a page is often to first thing that people read, so it must be compelling. The headline needs to:

● Make it clear what you are offering.
● Include a sub-headline that provides additional information about your offer.

Make sure that your offer is interesting enough to your audience.


Having great copy for your landing page is an important factor in how well it will convert. Make sure to do the following:

● Describe your offer well and break the main points of your copy into easy-to-read bullet points.
● Focus on having one main purpose to your page and a clear call to action.
● Include extra offers as needed to entice your audience.
● Describe any guarantees that are part of your offer.

Images and Video

Any images and video included on your page need to support your copy:

● Use images that are relevant, have good quality, and are unique.
● Creating a video for your landing page that explains your offer and handles objections can be very effective.


Make sure that your opt-in form has the following features for best results:

● Use an opt-in form that can be seen without having to scroll down the page.
● If possible, have as few fields as possible for the opt-in form. Include the most important fields such as name, email, and phone number.
● Make sure that your form design looks good and that the form is easy to notice on the page.
● Make your submit button large and have an enticing message on it. Also ensure that the button stands out on the page.

Privacy Policy, Security, and Terms

Don’t forget to add to following details on your landing page to increase trust:

● Include information about your privacy policy, security, and terms and conditions.
● Add trust seals and security badges.

Social Proof

Adding social proof to your landing page can significantly boost trust and sales. Here are some things you might add:

● Include written testimonials, reviews, or video testimonials.
● Add media mentions.
● Include data such as number of happy customers, downloads, or shares.

When creating a landing page, go through each one of the above elements to make sure your page is as effective as possible.

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