5 Tips for Handing Off Customers from Sales to Customer Management

Handing Off Customers from Sales to Customer Management

Making sales is essential to the survival and success of a business. But after a sale is made, in order to maintain a good customer retention rate, a company must ensure that its customers are continually satisfied. Part of this involves making sure that the handoff from sales to customer management is effective. Here are some tips.

Inform the Customer about the Handoff

The customer service reps supports the customer to ensure they have all the information and resources necessary for success. Let customers know in advance that they will be handed off to a customer support person who will help them with onboarding and making sure they have all the tools and information they need. You can discuss this with them while discussing how their customer journey will progress to lead them to the results they want. Letting customers know that they will be supported after the sale helps to reassure them that they will not be left alone to have to figure everything out on their own, which can take more time for them.

It is also good practice to introduce the customer to the person who will be supporting them after the sale. You might do this on a call or make introductions via email. By getting familiar with the support person, the customer can get an idea of how they will be taken care of after the sale. It also gets them prepared to get started right away after the sale has been made.

Find out What the Customer Wants to Achieve

Different customers have different goals when using a product or service. It’s important for the sales team to be clear about what the objectives of a customer are so that they can pass that information off to the customer support person who will be helping the customer. This information helps the customer support team create a support plan and to start the customer off in the right direction.

Document Detailed Information about Customers and their Wants

By gathering detailed information about customers before handing them off to the support team, you help to ensure that support will have all of the information they need to adequately help customers and to customize their experiences with your company. One way to do this is to leave notes for the customer service team in the company CRM about discussions with the customer, their pain points, goals, and questions.

Keep Channels of Communication Open

It’s important for the sales and customer service teams to keep a channel of communication open in order to exchange important information about customers. This well help both departments to better understand and address customer needs and to provide customers with an effective customer experience.

Handing Off the Customer

Make sure that the customer is handed over to the customer support team as soon as possible after the sale so that the customer can begin benefiting from the product or service that you offer right away.

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