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“The writer’s secret is not inspiration – for it is never clear where it comes from – it is his stubbornness, his patience.”

 — Orhan Pamuk

Sometimes we are in the flow of writing and the words come easily. But other times, we may experience writer’s block and do not have an easy time coming up with ideas or the best words to use in our writing. This can be a challenge especially when we have deadlines to meet for school papers, stories or articles. So what can you do when you experience writer’s block? Here are some tips to overcome this obstacle and get your words flowing smoothly again.

1. Start Writing and Let Ideas Come
One of the easiest ways to overcome writer’s block is to just start writing instead of waiting for inspiration to arrive. Don’t sit and try to think of the perfect words to say. When you just start writing, you will get more ideas as you write and weave ideas, words and sentences together. As you write, don’t worry about having perfect grammar and spelling. Stopping to correct mistakes can result in losing your train of thought. You can clean up spelling and grammar at the end.  

2. Create Bullet Points or Lists
To start your writing, you can create bullet points or lists of topics that you want to write about. Then just fill in information under each section. This can make it much easier for you to write because the outline you create will be a guide for you for what to write about.

3. Determine the Best Time to Write
Figuring out the best time for you to write can make the difference between having writer’s block and not having it. It is best to write at times of the day when you have energy and creativity. Perhaps morning time is best for you because you have the most energy in the morning and things are quiet. Or maybe you prefer the afternoon when you have accomplished other things in your day. Also, make sure that you like the location where you are writing and that you do not have any distractions.

4. Do Something Creative
By participating in a creative activity, you activate the creative part of your brain, which is used in writing. The creative activity may be an activity such as painting, doing graphic design, creating a collage, or any other activity you enjoy.

5. Start from The Middle or End
If you are having trouble with writing the beginning of your story or article, try starting with the middle or end. Sometimes our minds actually have a great idea for the middle or end first so it is good to follow that train of thought and write it down before your forget it.

6. Get Some Exercise
Getting some exercise for just 15 minutes can help to jump start your mind and body. Exercises such as yoga, dancing or just walking around the block will increase your energy and also get more oxygen to your brain so that you can be more imaginative.

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