Find Breakdowns
On your journey to success in your business, you need to identify and correct breakdowns to ensure that your business runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible and that it will grow. Correcting breakdowns can also help you to achieve your goals faster. Even successful businesses need to be aware of breakdowns and make improvements.

Identify What is Missing
When looking for breakdowns, look for what is missing in your system or intention. The moment you set an intention, there are usually breakdowns that you can immediately spot. For example, your intention might be to make $50k a month in your business. Why are you currently not there? What is missing in your business that could get you there?

Perhaps it is making more calls to get more clients, raising your rates, learning more tools or strategies, hiring help, or a combination of all of these items. Once you find the missing pieces, turn them into projects and create action items for resolving them.  

Redefine How You Rate Success
When you redefine how you rate success in an area of your business, it creates opportunities for improvement and opens up new ideas and possibilities.

For example, from a scale of 1-10, you might rate an area of your business, such as marketing, as a 10. When a client rates an area as a 10, I suggest recalibrating it to a 5. This allows them to form a new and improved picture in their mind of what a 10 can look like.

Getting Feedback From Others
Getting feedback from others can help you to identify and resolve breakdowns. For example, if you have an idea that your team believes will not work, you might ask them for all of their objections, write them down, and then brainstorm solutions for each.

Once you have identified solutions to the objections, you can ask your team: “If we do all of these things to address your concerns, will that increase the probability of this project working?” Since their objections have been addressed, they will be much more likely to say “yes.”

Getting feedback from others can help you to find breakdowns that you may otherwise miss and it helps you to develop a thorough system for managing projects.

Have a Long Term Vision
When you think about your business lasting for 200 years at least, your problems get bigger, but so do your solutions!

Here are some questions to consider:

•  How long will your facilities stay standing?
•  Do you maintain your equipment with longevity in mind?
•  Can you foresee the trends?
•  Are you placed to adapt to the market?

You can benefit your business right now by thinking and planning from intentions that are long-term and working to solve the breakdowns related to them.

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