How to Improve Sales Productivity

how to improve sales productivity

Without sales, a business cannot scale so it is essential to have a great sales team and sales process in place for your company. But there may be times when your sales team is not making the number of sales you predicted they would. When this is the case, you need to be able to pinpoint why this is happening. It could be due to problems in your system that need to be changed or optimized. In this article, we cover some ways to identify issues in your sales pipeline to boost productivity.

How to Identify Roadblocks in Your Sales Process

In order to identify what is causing your sales roadblocks, you must first understand the steps of your customer journey. Go through these steps to uncover potential issues and also talk to your sales team to discover where they are experiencing roadblocks. It’s also important to consistently get feedback from prospects to understand what objections they may have about making a purchase from you. Based on your findings, you can make improvements to your sales process.

Sales Roadblocks to Watch For

1. Inefficient Tasks

One of the roadblocks that can be detrimental to your sales process is inefficient tasks. For instance, are you giving your sales team tasks that are not necessary or would be better to give to an assistant so that your sales team can focus on sales? Another type of roadblock could be the time required to get permission to finalize a sale.

2. Too Much Complexity

One of the things that can turn buyers off is too much complexity. For example, if you offer software, is it easy enough for people to use and learn in a reasonable amount of time? Too much complexity can also exist in your sales process and pricing structure so make sure that they are easy to present and understand.

3. Inefficient Technology

Are you using the most efficient technology you can for your sales operations? Using technology that saves time and helps to make your sales process go more smoothly is essential. Make sure to keep up to date with changes in the technology that you use.

4. No Streamlined Process

Do you have a streamlined sales process? Review your process to make sure that you don’t have any unnecessary steps or that you don’t include extra people that do not really need to be part of the process.

5. Ineffective Follow Up / Customer Support

Having an effective sales follow up system and great customer support help to ensure that customers will be happy with what you offer and will be more likely to purchase from you again in the future. So make sure to keep in touch with customers via methods such as emails, surveys, and phone calls.

A coach can help you to identify bottlenecks in your sales process to improve your productivity. Get in touch today!

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