Influencers build an online presence and a following over time by creating quality content that is valuable to their audience. Their audience comes to value their opinions and trusts them. For this reason, brands often partner with influencers to reach their audience. Here are some ideas for how you might collaborate with influencers.

Review of Products
Reviews of your product from trusted influencers can help to convince people to buy what you offer, especially since many people research reviews before making large purchases. Make sure that the influencer and their audience are a good match for your product and brand. Take a look at other reviews that the influencer has given to see if there might be a good fit.

Sponsored Articles
Sponsored articles can be articles that you pay a blogger to publish about your brand on their site. This is a great way to gain visibility for your brand. The article is written in the voice of the blogger so that it will appeal to their audience. Add a comment in the article indicating that the article was sponsored by your company but the opinions in the article are from the influencer.

Everyone loves the chance to win something so giveaways are a great way to get people excited about winning and about your brand at the same time. Make sure that the audience is a good fit for your giveaway and that you offer something that is really valuable to people and will make it worth the effort for them to enter the giveaway.

Be open to suggestions from the influencer about what their audience might like. In some cases, the influencer may want to be compensated for doing the giveaway since they need to promote it, track it, and choose a winner.

Make it fun and relatively easy for people to enter the giveaway; do not create complicated steps. To enter, ask participants to do something that helps to promote your brand. For example, you might ask them to post a message on social media about the giveaway.

Guest Blogging
Another way to reach the audiences of blogger influencers is to contribute a guest post. On the influencer’s site, see if there is any information about guest blogging and what the guidelines are. Guest blogging is a good way to not only establish yourself as an expert in your industry but also to get backlinks from authority websites. 

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