“Never laugh at someone’s dreams. People that don’t have dreams don’t have much.”


People often have a fear or failure when it comes to starting a new business or selling something. They may spend too many months or years planning, maybe even recreating their website and business name multiple times because they want everything to be perfect before the business launches.  But this perfectionism can be an excuse for not launching out of fear of networking or what people will think about the business.  Some people may think that others will see the business as silly and won’t take them seriously.  So, how do you manage your fear of failure?  Here are some tips:

You might have a fear of selling and being rejected and think that you will fail at business because you will fail at networking.  Recognize that selling is a numbers game and make it a game.  Out of the number of people that you contact, a certain percentage will be interested and a certain percentage of those people will become customers or clients.  Some people will not need your product or service for one reason or another but that is okay.  Maybe they already have a product or service similar to yours.  You don’t buy all products and services that people offer to you either, right?  Not all buyers will meet your criteria of your ideal customer either so you do not need everyone to be a customer.   The more you practice networking and selling, the easier it will become.  Eventually, you will view rejection as just part of the process on your journey and not something to be taken personally, and you will move on to the next prospect easily.

Starting a new business or starting to sell is like starting a new job in that, at first, it can be scary because you don’t know what to expect or how things will go.  But the more you practice it, the more comfortable you will get until it becomes a routine.  You will become familiar with procedures, how to communicate with people, how to recognize good opportunities, what software to use, and your confidence will increase.

Aim to pursue your dreams and be happy in your life independent of the good or bad opinions of others.  Others do not know you as well as you know yourself. Most people only know a small fraction of who you are; they don’t know all your talents, hopes and dreams.  You might want to start your own business because you have skills or a great idea that you have passion for and you believe that it can be a great business.  You might also want a business so you can be self-employed and independent.  It is worth pursuing your dreams and independence.  Fear is just a temporary roadblock to success, and when you get past it, great things will begin to unfold in your life.

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