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“Great Execution is the Ultimate Differentiator.”
— Margaret Molloy

Choosing a domain name can be challenging. For example, the domain name you want may be taken in the .com form and you may be wondering if you should pick the .net form. The domain name you choose will probably be with you for long time, so it is good to know how to choose a good domain. Here are some tips.

1. Do You Need a .Com Domain Name?
If possible, choose a .com for your domain name because people are most familiar with the .com form and this can make it easier for people to find your site. It is also considered the most professional form. However, it often happens that you have the perfect domain name in mind but the .com version of it is not available. In that case, you might use .net, or .co. Even major sites use .net sometimes instead of .com.

2. Keep it Short and Easy to Spell
The domain name you choose should be short and easy to spell and read so that people can quickly enter it into a search and easily share it. A short domain name is also less likely to get cut off on social media and search results. Following these rules will also help to ensure that people remember your domain name. People are more likely to remember a short, easy domain name than a long, complex domain.

3. Including Keywords
Include a keyword in your domain that indicates what your business does, if possible, but don’t worry if you are not able to do this. Including a keyword in your domain name can also help your SEO because it can help your site to appear in searches for the keyword.

4. Keep Trademarks in Mind
Be careful not to pick a name that may infringe on another company’s trademark. Also be sure that the domain name you choose will not be easily confused with anther brand.

5. Create a Brand-able Name
If you want your site to represent a brand, then your domain name should sound like a brand name. Also, if you use numbers in your domain name, make sure that it does not confuse people. For example, if you include a zero in your domain name, people may confuse it with the letter “O”. So your domain name should be clear and instantly intuitive.

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