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“Good marketers see consumers as complete human beings with all the dimensions real people have.”
— Jonah Sachs

If you own a local business, such as a coffee shop, and have a business Facebook page for it, you may be wondering how to get more engagement for your page. Since you serve a certain geographic area, your marketing strategy needs to account for this and it will be different than the strategy of a business that is not limited by location. Here are some tips for local Facebook marketing.

1. Partner with Local Businesses
By interacting consistently on other local business pages, you can make yourself more visible to their audience. You can participate by commenting on their posts, tagging them, and sharing their content. These businesses are also likely to promote you in return. You can collaborate with other businesses to create a formal plan for cross-promotion, or just interact on their pages from time to time.

2. Include Reviews
Facebook has a User Review option that you can enable on your Facebook page by setting Local Business as your category and including a physical address. You will also need to display a map on your About Tab. You should respond to both good and bad reviews that you receive about your business.

3. Feature Fans and Customers
Occasionally, display posts that say “thank you” to your customers. Group pictures work great. People will easily like a picture that they see themselves in or see people they know in. If they interact with your page by liking, commenting, or sharing it, you are more likely to appear in their feeds in the future because they have already shown interest. By sharing pictures of happy customers on your Facebook business page and asking people to tag themselves in photos, you will increase the visibility of your business with your customer’s connections.

4. Feature Local News, Pictures, and Videos
By featuring local information, you are more likely to connect with your local audience. You can post local videos, articles and images. You might post local news or take pictures of local things in town. Your local videos can feature local events, cross-promote other businesses, and more. People in your area may be more likely to connect with you, visit your page, and do business with you when they see that you are a business located in their area.

5. Participate in Local Groups
Perform targeted searches on Facebook to find the best groups to join and participate in. If you have a local business that focuses on B2B, then networking groups can be a good way to connect with other businesses. When you join a Facebook group, you need to join as your personal profile, not as your page. Review the rules of the group to see what you are allowed to post and whether or not they allow promotions.

6. Use Facebook Local Ads
By creating Facebook local ads, you can reach people in your geographic area, or people who are in your area on their mobile device. You can use coupons to attract first-time buyers and create calls to action.

7. Offer Incentives to Fans
To give your fans perks or incentives, you can use coupons or Facebook offers. You can do a simple sweepstakes such a posting a picture of a quote and asking people to name the person who said it. When someone wins a prize, announce it on your page to keep others interested in your contests and anticipating results.

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