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“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
— Benjamin Franklin

Writing blogs is important for a number of reasons. When someone visits your website and is considering whether or not to work with you, reading some of the blogs on your site can give them an idea of how you think, write, and what type of value your provide. Blogs also help to increase your SEO and online visibility. People can find your blog via a Google search or see the blog after you have posted it on social media. Here are some tips to help ensure that your content will appeal to the people you want to reach.

1. Pick a Relevant Topic
Pick a topic that is interesting to you and would be beneficial to your audience. Narrow your topic down to something that you can fit concisely into an article while also providing enough value. For example, instead of writing a broad article about leadership, focus on a specific aspect of leadership such as tips on how to hold a meeting for leaders.

2. Do Your Research
Do research to gather information about the topic you want to write about and put the information you want to use into a file. Then, weave the data that you have gathered into your article. This data can include things such as definitions, quotes, stories, statistics, helpful tools, etc.

3. Create an Engaging Title
The title of your article is important for catching people’s attention. Based on the title alone, people decide whether or not to continue reading an article. The title is also important for SEO reasons so it is good to include keywords in it because this will help your article get discovered in searches.

4. Make Your Blog Scan-able
Be courteous of people’s time by making your articles easily scan-able. You can accomplish this by breaking your content down into key points and number them or use bullet points. Also, bold parts of your article that you want to stand out. Keep your sentences short and easy to digest. Also use a font style that is easy to read and use a large font like size 14. If your font is tiny and hard to read, people will most likely move on to something else.

5. Include a Call to Action
After someone has read your blog, what should they do next? A call to action at the end of your article should guide people to take a specific action. You can ask them to answer a question that is related to the blog or you can promote an offer such as a sign up to a course or newsletter.

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