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“You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.”
– Beth Comstock

Both webinars and hangouts are a popular way of reaching an audience live with your message and keeping in touch with your audience. They are great for leveraging your time because instead of having to meet individually with each person on your call, you get your message out to many people at on time. A Google Hangout and Google Hangout on Air are both popular video conferencing calls hosted by Google. Google Hangouts are private hangouts that people must be invited to in order to participate, while Google Hangouts on Air are public and can be streamed live to Google+, YouTube and other places.   It is a good idea to promote your hangout in several ways to make sure that you will get enough attendees.  We offer some ideas in this article.

Share the Event with Google
Share your hangout with your Google circles and with Google+ communities that you are active in. You can also join communities that have been specifically created for sharing hangouts.  Another option is to use Google Ads to promote the event.

Ask Others to Share the Event
In addition to sharing your event on your social networks, asking others to share the event will increase the reach of your marketing.  You can ask your guests and co-hosts to share the event on their social media networks, in the newsletters, etc.  Having great guest and co-hosts that people really want to hear can go a long way in boosting your reach.

Leverage LinkedIn
You can email your LinkedIn connections to inform them about the event.  Make sure that the event is relevant to the people you are emailing. Another way that you might leverage LinkedIn is using ads.

Leverage Facebook
Create a Facebook Event through Facebook to invite your Facebook network to the event. You can also promote your event through Facebook ads.  Facebook ads are a great way to promote because Facebook collects a lot of detailed demographic data which you can use to very specifically target a particular audience.

Share with EventBrite
Sharing your event on an event promotion website like EventBrite can help to increase views to your event as people search the site for events.  EventBrite also has a widget you can use to embed the event into your website.  If you are using a WordPress website, you might also set up a WordPress events plugin for your site.

Write Blogs
You can write a blog on your site and send it out via your social media channels or guest blog on someone else’s site and include a link to your event at the end of the blog. You can also post a blog on LinkedIn in the pulse section.

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