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“My belief is that communication is the best way to create strong relationships.”
— Jada Pinkett Smith

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to leave a conversation but you did not know how so you politely continued listening and talking? There comes a moment in a conversation when it is a good time to exit. Whether you have just had a conversation with a friend, client, potential client or met someone at a networking event, it is good to know how to gracefully exit a conversation.  In this article, we offer some tips.

1. Make an Introduction
A wonderful way to end a conversation is to introduce the person you are speaking with to someone. This also has the advantage of leaving the person with someone new to talk to instead of just leaving them standing by themselves.  And having the chance to meet someone new can be a great benefit to people and their businesses.

2. Inquire about Who You Should Meet Next
Let the person you are talking to know that you have a goal of meeting new people and ask them who they recommend that you should talk to.  This can lead to many new introductions and conversations. If the person does not know anyone to introduce you to, thank them for the conversation and say that you will look around.

3. Offer to Help the Host
To end a conversation, you might tell the person you are talking to that you want to get to the host to see if he or she needs any assistance with the event. Assisting a host is also a great way to meet new people because the host will greet and know many of the people at the event.

4. Ask for a Business Card
Ask the person you are having a conversation with for their business card, look at it and say thank you for the card and the conversation.  Getting a business card will also allow you to reach out to the person later, look at their website, and keep in touch with them through email and phone.

5. Ask for Directions
To indicate that the conversation is ending, you might ask the person you have been speaking to for directions to another place such as the bar, lunchroom, or restroom.

6. Ask to Connect on LinkedIn
Asking to connect on social media is a good way to show that you would like to stay in touch. By connecting with people on LinkedIn, you will also get the chance to add to your professional network and expand your reach.

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