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“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

— Albert Einstein

Many marketers and business owners dream of their content going viral. Going viral means that the viewers of the content will spread your product and brand for you. Viral content can get a lot of exposure for your business in a short amount of time. Although there are no guarantees of content going viral, there are strategies you can use to increase your chances. There are elements that content that has gone viral have in common. In this article, we offer some key elements of viral content strategy.

1. Impact their Emotions
Content that strongly impacts the emotions of the viewer is more likely to go viral.  This content can be amusing, inspiring, heart-warming, surprising, beautiful, shocking, warning or surprising. For example, Old Spice created a series of commercials that were surprising and funny and received many views and shares.

2. Create Beautiful List Posts
People like to look at posts with stunning pictures, so creating posts that combine text with images can help to spread your content. An example is creating a post about 50 places to visit in France and displaying beautiful pictures of the locations.  These types of posts may take time to put together but the effort can be worth it.

3. Use Triggers
When something in the environment reminds us of something, we are more likely to share it, so use triggers in your content. For example, Geico uses a camel as a trigger for hump day with the words “Happier Than a Camel on Hump Day.” This has increased their search traffic for Wednesdays because people are thinking about them and sharing them more on Wednesday. Hump day reminds people of the camel ad, which then reminds them of Geico, which in turn reminds them to check out Geico.

4. Create a Quiz
People enjoy taking quizzes, particularly ones that are related to them, such as a quiz to find out what their personality type is. They might share the quiz with others so they can take it too, and share their results. Quizzes about color are also popular. For example, the quiz might ask people what colors they see on the screen.

5. Write Heart-Warming Stories
People want to feel good and they enjoy reading and sharing positive heart-warming stories such as a man rescuing a dog from a river, the secrets to a long life, or a couple who had an 80-year marriage.

6. Tell them the Secrets of Success
People want to know the secrets of success whether it is in business, health and fitness, or relationships. These topic consistently rank high as topics that people are interested in because they are important parts of life. In 2015, the second most shared post on the New York Times was about falling in love, three of the most shared posts on BuzzFeed were about health, and one of the top shared posts on Linkedin was about success.

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