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“Numbers have life; they’re not just symbols on paper.”

 — Shakuntala Devi

Knowing how to effectively use Google Analytics is important for understanding and evaluating key metrics in your business. By knowing your numbers, you will be able to make better decisions for your marketing and business goals. In this article, we describe some of the key metrics in your Google Analytics account.

1. Visitors or Users
The visitors or users metric is often used to measure the overall size of your audience. It refers to the number of unique users that visit your site during a certain period of time.  You can segment users into new users or returning users for your website or app.

2. Session Timeout Length
You can set the session timeout length in the Google Analytics configuration settings.  By default, a session persists until the user stops interacting with the site for 30 minutes.  One reason to adjust the setting would be for videos. For example, a user might watch a video that is over 30 minutes long.

3. Page Views
The page view metric counts every time a page is viewed on your website.  On websites, within each visit or session, users will engage in one or more interactions with your pages.  Analytics will automatically track these interactions as page views.

4. Events
Analytics can track interactions such as watching a video. These types of interactions are called events and require customization.  Page views and events keep a visitor session active according to analytics.  Analytics also tracks when each interaction happened.

5. Visit Duration
To calculate the visit duration, Analytics subtracts the time of the user’s first interaction on your site from the time of the last interaction. An interaction can be a page view or an event.

6. Time on Page
To calculate the metric of time on page, Google Analytics takes the time that a user landed on a particular page and subtracts that time from the next page view. If you have a more complicated implementation and use events, analytics will use the time of the last event on a page to calculate the time on page.

7. Bounce Rate
The bounce rate is the percentage of sessions with only one user interaction. Bounces are counted for users who land on a page of your site and leave without viewing any other content. It does not matter how much time they spend on the page. Since bounce visits only consists of one interaction, analytics does not have a second interaction to use for the calculation of visit duration or time on page.  So bounce rate visits and the one page view including in the visit are assigned a visit duration and time on page of zero.

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