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“Always be closing… That doesn’t mean you’re always closing the deal, but it does mean that you need to be always closing on the next step in the process.”  — Shane Gibson


When closing a sale, it is important to know the customer’s needs, believe in what you are selling and be confident and friendly, never pushy. The customer needs to believe that the purchase will be worth it for them and this decision is based on trust and value. You can increase trust and the perception of value by providing case studies, demonstrations, testimonials and a money back guarantee.  Below are some more tips on closing the sale.

One of the simplest ways to close is to ask the prospect to give your product or service a try. This reduces the risk for the customer because they don’t need to make a commitment right away.  Companies often give customers a free 15-30 day trial of a product of service and use 30-day money back guarantees on purchases.  This helps to convert customers who may be on the fence about using the product or service.

Ask the potential client or customer if, all things considered (including the price you are offering), there is any reason why they wouldn’t do business with your company (this technique works for job interviews too).  If there is no objection, then they have basically agreed to the deal and you can ask them when you should get started with implementation. But if there is an objection, allow them to explain what the objection is and ask them if they would agree to do business with you by a certain time if you resolved the objection.

In certain cases, especially large purchases, you might offer to give away something for free to tip the scales in your favor. An exclusive or limited time offer or a discount in price can increase the value of the purchase from the buyer’s perspective.  Online marketers often include these techniques when selling online on webpages or in webinars.  Often, they will say something like “I usually sell this product or program for $1,000, but today I am giving it away at a special price of only $497.” 

To increase the perceived value of their offer, marketers commonly add some extras to the offer. They also create a sense of urgency by saying something like “Only the first 40 people who sign up will receive this bonus”  or “This offer is good for two days and then the price will go back up to the regular price.”

Another way to increase the likelihood of a sales close is to offer to do something that the potential client or customer asks for before they sign a contract.  You might say that if they sign the contract today, you will do a special favor for them.  An example might be doing a free evaluation of someone’s website or creating a graphic for them if they agree to a monthly package.

A common type of close involves telling the potential client or customer that you have evaluated their wants and requirements and have arrived at two choices that would likely work best for them. Then ask them if they would like to choose option A or option B.  This does two things.  One is that it reduces the amount of choices to have to focus on, and the other is that, by giving two choices, the customer is likely to choose at least one of the options.

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