WholeLife Matrix: Relationships

“I think a good relationship is about collaboration.”
— Jennifer Aniston

We have all heard about toxic relationships and how to identify signs of mistreatment or abuse. But being able to identify a good relationship is also important. When you know that you are in a good relationship, you won’t have to wonder about the relationship or be fearful about whether or not you are with the right partner. In this article, we offer some tips to help you identify a healthy relationship.

1. You Keep Your Individual Identity and Space
Since a relationship is a partnership, it is important to maintain your own identity and space in it and not lose yourself to the wants or needs of your partner. You should have your own interests, friends, and time for yourself. This will help your grow and keep your relationship exciting.

2. You Fight Fairly
Every relationship has its ups and downs. But when couples in a healthy relationship disagree, they do so respectfully and try to resolve the issue rather than attacking the other person. They also admit when they have made a mistake and try to understand the other person and their point of view. They do not hold grudges, but instead, quickly let things go.

3. You Make Decisions as a Couple
Couples who make decisions jointly feel like a team and often use the word “we”, instead of using “I”. They respect their partner’s opinions and are able to maturely talk about important issues such as kids and money.

4. You Trust and Support Each Other
A healthy relationship is based on trust and support. You should feel comfortable, happy, and offer each other support as needed when issues or concerns come up. You should treat each other with kindness, love, consideration, and appreciation. Both partners need to be able to express themselves honestly and freely.

5. You are Happy with Yourself and Your Partner
Attracting a happy relationship begins with being happy with yourself. If you have issues with confidence or feel unhappy in your life, you may first need to work on those things before you can attract the right partner. You should also like and respect your partner the way they are currently, and not expect that they will change.

6. Your Relationship has Joy and Balance
The time that you spend with your partner should by happy for the most part. As the saying goes “a couple that play together, stay together.” Your relationship should balance work and other commitments and include plenty of fun and laughter.

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