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“You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart.”
— John Ford

The fear of public speaking is the greatest fear for many people – bigger than even the fear of death. Yet we may be asked to speak in front of people at school, at work, at networking events, and other situations. Therefore, it is important to master public speaking. We offer some tips that can relieve your fear of public speaking and help you become a great speaker.  

1. Let go of the Fear of Rejection
The fear of public speaking stems in large part from a fear of rejection. We fear that we will make a mistake or that the audience will not like what we have to say. But even great leaders have speech anxiety when they first start speaking. Remember that the audience is there to listen to your ideas and wants you to succeed.

2. Record Yourself with Video
Often, the way we look, sound, and move on video is different than what we imagine ourselves to be like. By recording yourself, you will see how you sound and appear to others and will be able to make adjustments to your presentation style.

3. Take a Public Speaking Course
There are many public speaking groups you can join to help you get over your fear of public speaking. Toastmasters is among the most popular groups. You can also hire a speech coach to train you.

4. Choose Subjects you are Excited About
The subjects you speak about should be things that genuinely interest you and you want to share with others so that they can benefit from the knowledge. When you are able to speak about a subject from the heart, you will be more confident and will be able to comfortably continue to speak about your subject even if you forget a point of two from your speech.

5. Include Meditation and Exercise in Your Routine
Meditation will help you to relax and clear your mind of negative thoughts. Also, get your circulation going and blood to your brain by doing some light exercise before your speech. A short walk is a good option. There are even speakers such as Tony Robbins who do a lot of exercise before a speech to get themselves pumped up.

6. Keep Practicing
Of course, practice is one of the most important aspects of becoming a great speaker. By organizing your speech well and practicing it, you will feel more confident. Also continue to practice improving your body language, voice, and presentation style.  

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