“You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there.” — Edwin Louis Cole

In addition to fiscal fitness, business owners have to be concerned with physical fitness as well. Their own as well as that of their workers. Healthy, fit individuals are more effective at work, have more energy, take fewer sick days and reduce health care costs. Many people have trouble managing personal stress and business stress. Soon they become intertwined and the business suffers.

Lead by example. Take care of your whole body, mind and spirit and it will take care of you. Essentials to fitness include:

Make your health and well-being the number one priority in your life. When you tend to your own body, mind and spirit, you are better able to care for your family, employees and your clients.

Set short- and long-term goals. If you have health problems, speak with your doctor about things you can do in the short term to prepare your body for exercise and other activities that will reduce your stress.

Incorporate activities in your every day life that get you closer to achieving your fitness goals. Make taking a walk, riding a bike, or going to the gym an every day routine, just as you do with brushing your teeth, etc.

Keep balance in your life. It’s not all or nothing; downtime is also part of fitness. Find time to be alone with your thoughts and keep a perspective and focus on all things important to you in your life.

Get plenty of sleep. For most days of the week try to get 8 hours of sleep a night to allow your body to renew itself so you can function more optimally the next day.

Commit to making permanent lifestyle changes that improve and elongate your life. Determine to stay on course so you can life to be 100….

You wouldn’t run your business without a business plan. Why not have a plan for your physical fitness and well-being? If you want to win in business and life, you need to be healthy for the long haul.

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