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“Advertisements may be evaluated scientifically; they cannot be created scientifically.”

 Leo Bogart, American sociologist

Whether you are selling products of services, split testing your sales page is important for achieving the best conversions possible. Sometimes, small changes such as removing an image from the sales page can have a major impact on sales. Here are some things to look for when testing your sales page.

1. Site Navigation Bars and Headers
Including navigation bars in your sales page can distract people from the purpose of your page and give them options to go elsewhere. This can reduce your opt-in rate so it is good to remove navigation bars. Also, if you have a default header for your site, it is best to remove that from your sales page because it can also distract people and force them to scroll down more on your page.

2. Calls to Action
The call to action text that you use, including the text placed on your opt-in button, can effect conversions. For example, it has been found that using the call to action “Get” converts better than “Order”. The most popular calls to action are “Register”, “Download”, “Sign Up”, and “Order”. In general, it is best to put your call to action near the top of your page. However, for products that need more explanation, it is better to provide an introduction of the product before requesting a call to action. Because of this, in some cases, the call to action may even be at the end of the sales page.

3. Images
The pictures that you put on your sales page should add to your visitor’s understanding of you offer. For example, a photo showing how a product should be used is an effective way to use an image. Be careful that your image does not unnecessarily push your opt-in box below the fold.

4. Social Proof
Social proof can help to prompt people to respond to your call to action because people often want to jump on the bandwagon if they see that others already have. However, if you do not have many followers yet, showing low numbers for social poof can actually work against you. In this case, it is best not to show social proof.

5. Ad Copy
The heading and subheading in your sales page should be related to the ad copy that directed people to the sales page. This instantly lets visitors know that they have landed in the right place. Using some of the same text in your sales page heading that you used in your ad copy heading can work well. Also, when the text on your sales page is related to the text in your ad, it positively effects your quality score and ranking.

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