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12 Steps to Success in BusinessLife

The purpose of this course is to share my 22 years of coaching experience with you.I want to enable you to start with your intentions and end up with the success and happiness you desire.


    I want you to benefit from what I have learned in the past 22 years working with over 5000 business owners and managers who were dealing with the challenges of starting and growing a successful business. I gathered the steps I use in my coaching process and created this course using the foundation of my book – 12 Steps to Success in Business Life. 

    I want to enable you to start with your intentions and end up with success and happiness you desire.  I recognize that most people go into business to make more money and have more free time to  spend with their family. what they usually end up with is making less money than they did in their JOB and working a lot more hours than ever expected.  Unless people have help in setting up their lives to win in the game of BusinessLife, they will not accomplish the original intentions.

    During this course, we will cover the following topics:

    1. Creating an Unrecognizable Future
    2. Visualizing and Planing for Success
    3. Going from Hello to the Check clearing the bank
    4. Building a High Performance Team
    5. It is not possible to get it All Done
    6. Producing Results through Others
    7. Keeping things in Existence
    8. Managing the Gap
    9. The WholeLife Matrix
    10. Managing Breakdowns into Breakthroughs
    11. From Possibility to Success
    12. Growing Your Happiness
    Course is every other week starting February 17, 2016
    at 12 pm PST
    Take an hour out of your schedule every other week to get on the path of balance and success.  

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    Possibilities Unlimited Inc. is more than a business coaching firm. We believe in an integrated approach to business and life. Your business should enrich your life! If you've lost touch with why you went into business in the first place, we can show you how to create new possibilities for your business and rekindle your entrepreneurial spirit.

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