Matrix Key:  Time
“Time brings all things to pass.” – Aeschylus 
Have you noticed the purple background on the WholeLife Matrix?  It’s not just a colorful compliment to the matrix graphic.  The background represents time, and the concept that everything we do, everything in life, happens in time.  The entire matrix is surrounded by time, and time is the one thing we all share.
Few people think they have enough time, and time is often to blame for not achieving certain objectives and intentions.  Why haven’t you written job descriptions for your employees, or studied the sales numbers, or met with your top 20 clients?  Is it because you didn’t have the time?
Successful people have a very distinct relationship with time.  They seem to get more done with the same 24 hours.  They use their calendars wisely, and schedule projects, meetings and personal time, just like they would schedule a doctor’s appointment.  And they show up for what’s in their calendars.
Here are four key thoughts about your relationship with time:
  1. Radar Screen – where do you watch your time, in your head or in your calendar?
  2. Task Collector –  how do you capture all the things you need to get done?
  3. Putting Things in Time – how do you arrange your schedule so that you can get everything done?
  4. Determine What Not to Do – how do you weed out or delegate what you don’t have time to do?
Throughout this blog series, we will touch on the subject of time.  When you use the WholeLife Matrix as a tool for building a happy, successful life, you will become more and more comfortable with your relationship with time.  You will be able to have time to accomplish everything in business and in life.  And you will discover how winners always have time on their side.

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