Matrix Key:  WholeLife Matrix – Personal Awareness
“You cannot consistently perform in a manner which is inconsistent with the way you see yourself.”
Zig Ziglar 
The world is a very busy place, and every day we have many demands for our time and attention.  Technology keeps information and input at our fingertips, and makes it convenient for people to contact and connect with us.  With all of this data coming in, it’s easy for our inner selves to get lost in the jumble.  It is very important for everyone to take time to find himself within all the chaos of daily life.  Where do you fit in the mix of your life?  Do you feel like you have a purpose?  Do you feel like life is happening to you or with you?
Personal Awareness is one of the four primary quadrants of the WholeLife Matrix.  If we are not personally aware, we cannot be in sync with the world around us.  We cannot see where we fit in and then joyfully go about relating to the world from that perspective.  We should each schedule time to reflect on who we are being in the workplace and the world.
Have you thought about your relationship with each of these parts of your life?
  1. Self
  2. Spirit
  3. Community
  4. Environment
How do you show up in each of these areas?  You can see that personal awareness in both internal and external.  We must know ourselves and commune with our internal thoughts and being, but we must also be aware of how we are part of the greater community and the world.
You may be only one person, but if you know where you fit in, you will find happiness, fulfillment and success in your corner of the cosmos.

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