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“Be Happy in that Job Interview.” ― Richard Bayer


How can you make sure that you are conducting the best interview you can with your job candidates so that you hire the best people for your organization? Job candidates receive a lot of information about how they should prepare for an interview and how they should behave during an interview.  But there are not many articles written about how an interviewer should conduct an interview.  In this article, we offer some tips to help you get the most out of your interview process.

If the person you hire will be working in your office, make sure that you have an on-site interview with them, not just a phone interview. This way, you can both get a better sense of whether or not there may be a good fit.  Before the interview, provide the candidate with information such as the interview date and time, location, and who the candidate will be meeting with.  Let them know if they will be meeting with more than one person.  Some companies are easy to find on the internet, but some do not have a website, or their website does not clearly explain what they do.  To make sure that the candidate gets enough information about your company before the interview, provide the candidate with information through email.

During the interview, keep your questions relevant to the position and workplace.  Do not ask questions such as “If you were an animal, what type of animal would you be?”  Although the goal of such questions may be to relax the candidate, many candidates see them as unrelated to why they are at the interview and see them as an unnecessary waste of their time, especially if many such questions are asked.

Also, avoid asking questions that are ambiguous or too basic such as “On a scale of 1-10, how perfectly should a task be completed?” or “Do you know how to use a spell checker?” On the flip side, avoid asking technical questions that are unrelated to the job you are offering such as “How many baseballs fit inside a Boeing 747?”  Just because someone can’t answer this question doesn’t mean they are not the best candidate for the job in question.

Ask the candidate about ideas they have and what their plans are for the future.  Do not waste time asking things that are already clear and obvious on the resume. Also, do not waste time with a second and third meeting if you will just be asking the same questions that you have already asked in the first meeting. 
After the interview ends, you should give the candidate a timeframe for when they can expect to hear back from you.  It is customary for candidates to send a thank-you note after the interview.  However, not all candidates send them.  This may or may not impact your decision to hire them.

Remember that candidates are interviewing you as much as you are interviewing them to see if there is a fit.  So, instead of an interrogation, it is best to have a friendly conversation that allows both sides to comfortably express what they want to say.

In the WholeLife Matrix, we list four main areas that we should share with staff and colleagues.  These include the following:

1. Respect
2. Accountability / Responsibility
3. Communication
4. Common Interest

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