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“Don’t Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle.” ― Anonymous

During the holidays, businesses are competing especially hard to get the attention of customers to make sales.  Both online and offline stores display and run advertisements, special promotions, and contests.  So how can you make sure that your business gets noticed during all of the hustle and bustle?  In this article, we offer some tips for promoting your business for the holidays.

Since many businesses are competing intensely for the attention of customers during the peak season, it is best to start your promotions early when there is less competition.  You can give special deals such as free shipping, discounts, or free gifts.

Another way that you can stand out is by sending cards to customers in the mail before or after the peak season.  Many companies send holiday cards during the peak season, but you can stand out by sending a Halloween, Thanksgiving or New Year’s card instead.  This applies to both paper and electronic greeting cards.

You should also make it easy for customers to buy from you.  Your promotion pages, coupon codes, contest rules, and product pages should be clear, have a nice appearance, and be easy for people to access.  This is true not just for the holidays, but for all year long.  

You can also make it easier for people to buy from you by limiting the number of steps that people need to take to make a purchase or to provide their personal information.  It has been found that checkout pages that use only one page on the screen convert better than checkout pages that require a customer to flip through multiple pages.  Also, people are more likely to sign up to your newsletter if you only ask for their email address / name, versus also asking for other information such as their company and street address.

Partnering with another business is one of the best ways to increase exposure and sales both for your business and for the business you partner with.  By partnering with other businesses, you also increase the perceived value of your offerings and consumer trust.  Some of the ways in which you can partner with other businesses include doing webinars/webcasts, in-person events, case studies, and videos.  You can also cross-promote each other in your newsletters.

It has been found that in-person events top the list of most effective business to business marketing tactics.  The second most effective form of business to business marketing are webinars/webcasts.  In-person events top the list because they provide face to face interaction, and webinars/webcasts provide engagement and offers that people can immediately benefit from.

Another way that you can stand out during the holidays is by decorating your logo, website, social media networks, email signature, or physical storefront with holiday branding.  Even a small change like putting a Santa hat on your logo can grab people’s attention and can get people who haven’t visited you or contacted you in a while, interested in you again.  You can even purchase custom postage stamps featuring your logo. The holiday cheer you demonstrate can get people into the holiday spirit and encourage them to buy from you for the holidays.  

Your business can also stand out from other businesses during the holidays, and also year-round, by doing charitable work either online or offline.  Your business can contribute by volunteering its products, services or volunteering time to charitable causes.

In the WholeLife Matrix, the marketing and sales quadrants include:

1. Opportunities
2. Conversions
3. The Pipeline
4. Managing Actions

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