WholeLife Matrix: Personal Awareness / Community

“If we as a community don’t step up to help each other, then who will?”
— Kathy Grimes

There are many ways in which you can participate in your community, which not only helps your community, but also helps you to develop relationships and improves your well-being. In this article, we offer some ideas on how you can give back to your community. 

The ways in which you choose to participate in your community can depend on the amount of time you have available, your skills, and whether you want to learn something new or participate in a particular cause you care about.  You can even volunteer virtually to do computer or phone work from home. To find organizations and issues that you may be interested in, search Google and your local newspapers. 

One of the first and simplest things you can start with to participate in your community is to reach out to your neighbors.  Smile at them when you see them and, when you have a chance, speak to them to get to know them. Eventually, you can build a good relationship. It is good to be kind and helpful to your neighbor.  You may even be able to help each other out in the future, such as when one of you might need pet sitting or baby-sitting.

You can give back to your community by participating in community events such as blood drives, volunteer work, or participating in an organization such as a hospice.  You can even sponsor an event.  For example, you might sponsor a participant in a local marathon.  You can also sponsor a youth sports team.

You can help with construction projects for disadvantaged residents by joining an organization such as Habitat for Humanity.

A simple way to collect money for a charity is to use a money jar. Another way is to hold a contest.  Each participant chooses a charity and, instead of prizes, money is contributed to the charities that are chosen by the winners.

During the holidays, you can help your community by creating or participating in food drives or toy drives.  Donating clothes is something that you can do throughout the year to help out.

If you own a business, offering your skills can be a great way to help your community while, at the same time, becoming an expert in your field.  For example, you can teach some free classes in business, social media, or search engine optimization.

In addition to offering your business skills, you can help local businesses by buying locally and partnering with non-competing businesses to cross network each other’s products and services on your website, newsletter, in webinars, contests, etc.  Cross-networking helps everyone to reach more customers so it is a win-win arrangement.
In the WholeLife Matrix, the quadrants of the matrix for community include:

1. Participation

2. Service

3. Legislative

4. Beautification

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