Social media is a huge buzz word these days. Everybody is talking about it, many people are doing it, but not much is said about the results. Does social media truly work? And if it does, what are the people doing to get effective results?

Case studies tell the story

I have compiled a group of fascinating case studies. Each one tells what businesses have done to implement a social media campaign that made a positive difference in their bottom line.

How to Use Twitter for Business: 5 More Incredibly Interesting Case Studies
Jeff Bullas is the master of gathering case studies. He truly knows how to get to the root of accomplishment, and he has once again compiled a very useful group of cases that demonstrate how Twitter can be used to connect with customers. He focuses on 5 businesses who turned to Twitter as an alternative to mainstream advertising. He covers:

  • Why they chose Twitter
  • Twitter goals they set
  • Marketing challenges
  • Day-to-day interaction on Twitter
  • Most interesting Twitter experience
  • Results achieved

Facebook Case Study: Travel Channel Goes Viral
In this fascinating case study, the Travel Channel details the specific changes they made to their fan page in order to generate more interest and more interactivity. Taking advantage of the new page feature, the Travel Channel built in more information so users could do more than just read their status updates. The result was a significant increase in traffic back to their parent site,

Facebook Marketing Case Study – Mad Men (from AMC)
This 2-part case study is a fascinating look at what works and what doesn’t. In the initial launch AMC did not capture social media as a means of promoting their new show, Mad Men. But they learned from their social media mistakes, and turned everything around to create a thriving social media community of the show’s fans.

Global social media campaign: Social Media Marketing Lowers Acquisitions Costs 39 Percent for
In this case study, the Social Media Examiner looks at the success of a young company as they spent only 6 hours per week in social media efforts. Their success was great, and even lead them to join ventures with several Fortune 100 companies.

The Blog that went from zero to full time income in one year
From the author of Beyond Blogging comes this fascinating case study of how a blog was built from the ground up. They author outlines each step that was taken to create a niche-specific blog, and how they created a unique advertising campaign that appealed to small businesses and large corporations.

Article Marketing – a case study
The author of this article was a big advocate of article marketing for SEO, but in some of his social media forums received a lot of resistance. So he decided to write this case study as a means of demonstrating how incredibly effective article marketing could be. Not only for recognition and PR, but for effective growth in search engine optimization.

What is your favorite case study?

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