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Matrix Key:  Health and Well-Being – Vacation/Time Off
“Vacations are necessities, not luxuries.” – Linda Bloom 


This probably isn’t the first time that you’ve read about the importance of vacation and time off.  No one can function at a peak performance level without occasional rest and relaxation.  Time away from your business gives you the chance to adjust your perspective, to refocus on the big picture and less on the details that come up every day. The most important thing about vacation, however, is how it impacts your physical health, and your ability to contribute in all areas of your life – relationships, business and community.
So why is it so hard to take vacation?  Remember our model of the table…each quadrant of the matrix is a table leg.  If we neglect our well-being, our table will fall.  If you’re still not convinced, let’s look at some of the key components, and outcomes, of time off:


  1. Opportunity to Decompress
  2. Beautification
  3. Absence of Pressure
  4. Time Away from the Daily Environment


So how do you make those vacation plans a reality?  You have to schedule them in your calendar and treat them as being as important as any board meeting. When you show up for vacation you’ll get more than souvenirs to bring home…you’ll get a fresh perspective that will help you to stay in the game of business and life.

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