Matrix Key:  Financial Viability – Production and Delivery – Procedures
“A bad system will beat a good person every time.” – W. Edwards Deming
We’ve often talked about how a good business shares many of the characteristics of a winning sports team.  No team can win the game if they don’t know the rules.  As we can see from the WholeLife Matrix, your business will not win if you don’t have production and delivery procedures in place. Imagine trying to create a product if your team has no idea how to make it?  You must create specific procedures for all aspects of your production system, and you must review and update them regularly.
Here are four things to think about when developing your production procedures:
  1. Systems – Break down your production flow into logical steps.
  2. Standards –  Define how to make your product the best it can be.
  3. Quality – How will you know if the product meets your standards?
  4. Customer Service – How do you respond to your customer?
Developing procedures takes time and effort, but it is time well spent.  The trick is to have specific actions that your employees and staff understand.  They also need to grasp the “why” behind the “how.”  If your procedures make sense and clearly make a contribution to the end product and to customer satisfaction, your employees will take more ownership in doing the job right.  When they know the rules, they can win the game.

Are you ready to win?

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