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Exercise is one of the best examples of a habit.  You can create a habit, or you can let a habit create you.  When you talk to people who are strong in this quadrant, you realize that exercise is an essential part of their daily routine, much like brushing teeth or eating breakfast.  They don’t consider if they will exercise, only when they will exercise.  

The key to building a lasting habit is to focus on creating a new identity.  Rather than thinking “I should start working out” and leaving the gym after two weeks, decide what kind of person you want to be.  “I am a person who exercises.  That is just something I do.”  Change your focus from if you will exercise, or feeling like you have to exercise because you made a resolution, to just asking yourself when you will exercise in a given week. As always, schedule this time in your calendar, and treat it as seriously as a doctor appointment or office meeting.


In the WholeLife Matrix, we identify four key components in establishing a balanced exercise and fitness routine:


1.   Exercise Plan
2.   Strength Training
3.   Flexibility
4.   Cardio

If you have an established exercise plan, take a few minutes for a quick review.  Have you incorporated all these components in your practices?  Like everything else in the WholeLife Matrix, a balanced approach is important.

If you find yourself weak in this quadrant, why not start with a walk around the block?  Ask a friend to join you and strengthen your Relationships quadrant at the same time!  Remember that doing something, anything, and repeating it, will instill the habit.

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