Matrix Key:  Financial Viability – Production and Delivery – Measurements of Performance
“In God we trust…all others bring data.” – W. Edwards Deming

In business, you can’t just amble along and hope that things are going OK.  The only way to measure your success is to do just that, measure your success.  But what do you measure?  And when?  There are literally hundreds of potential performance measures.  Using the WholeLife Matrix, we divide these measurements into four key areas within your production and delivery system:


  1. Management – how do you know if your executive leadership is doing a good job?
  2. Company – what do you measure to best showcase your company’s financial performance in the marketplace?
  3. Individual Job Descriptions – how do you and your employees know what is expected of them?
  4. Rewards and Consequences – how do you hold the organization accountable for your measurements of performance?


It’s important to develop standards that are relevant to your company and that are challenging,  yet attainable. Too many metrics make the focus of your production on the metrics and not the product.  Too few takes the focus away from “doing it right.”  You must take the time to develop a set of performance measures that you can calculate quickly and review often.  You can’t win the game of business if you don’t have some way of keeping score.

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