“Yet today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”
Lou Gehrig, Hall of Fame Baseball Player

It’s that time of year when we all sit back and count our blessings. That’s usually easy to do on the personal side where we are thankful for family and friends. What about being thankful for your business? Have you thought about the things in your business that are creatying abundance in your life? Or are you constantly focused on the things that aren’t working?

Let’s do an exercise geared toward identifying what’s working in your business. Are the lights on? Is the rent paid? Is most of your machinery working? Do you have some loyal staff who show up on time and do their jobs? make your own list, but be sure to jot down at least ten things, no matter how minor you think they are. the list is designed to illuminate where you are doing things right as well as to inspire gratitude for those things.

Are you surprised by some of the things on your list? Maybe you wrote down “Shipping Department.” The unsung mailroom may not seem like a key part of your operation, but if it’s humming along, working efficiently and cost effectively, and the staff show up and do their jobs well, you should be grateful!

Next, you should think about how to translet the mailroom’s success to other parts of your business. Are there systems and strategies that the mailroom uses that could be translated to the production floor? And by the way, if the mailroom is your only high-performing department, be sure to acknowledge their contribution.

This next week, pay attention to where your business is winning. For one week, make this the most important thing you notice, rather than what’s broken. Workplace gratitude is an idea worth the effort, and the results will show up throughout your business. You may find yourself re-energized and full of new ideas based on what you learn. Those ideas can be incorporated into your business plan.

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