“You can’t make a great play unless you do it first in practice.”
– Chuck Noll, Hall of Fame NFL Football Coach

Every salesperson knows that handling objections is an important skill to master if we want to close the deal. It sure would be nice if customers bought from us without hesitation, but in fact, that would reduce us to being order-takers, and where’s the fun in that? Price is the source of most customer objections. They say they can’t afford your product or service. What they are really saying is that they haven’t heard that the value of what you’re selling is worth the price. When they say “no, I can’t afford it,” that is a cry for help that you need to answer. Give them more benefits and reasons that there is value in working with you.Always be open to objections; it’s there that you can distinguish yourself and show that you will provide good customer service. In fact, ask for the objections up front, because there will always be some. You don’t want to leave the sales call not knowing where the prospect’s hesitation lies. If you don’t know what’s standing in between your customer and the sale, you can’t address the problem.

It’s important to acknowledge the objection so the client knows he’s been heard. Then be clear about how you will solve the issue. Anticipate common objections and be ready with answers. If the client presents an objection you don’t know how to answer, don’t panic! Again, acknowledge the objection, make sure you’ve heard it correctly and tell the client what you will do to handle it. Follow up so the client knows you can be counted on to respond. Your attitude in handling these objections does a lot to show your prospect how you will handle the future relationship.

Learning how to effectively deal with objections takes practice. In our Sales2Win course, we will spend time talking about objections and practicing what to say when they arise in the sales conversation. You must be able to fly over the objection hurdle if you want to close the deal. Register today for Sales2Win and learn the skills that will get you to the finish line every time.

Remember, objections are your chance to shine. Instead of dreading the questions and doubts your prospects have about your product, shift your thinking into how you can beat the competition and be the best person to buy from every time.


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