Knowing the elements necessary for offering great customer service can significantly improve your relationship with customers, your retention of them, and acquisition of new customers. The following tips will help you to improve the customer service offerings of your business.

Positive Communication
Using positive communication in your messages to customers that focus on resolving issues, can make a big difference in customer satisfaction. For example, if a customer wants to order a product that is out of stock and will be in stock in a couple of weeks, instead of just telling the customer that it is currently out of stock, you might let them know that you can order it for them now and will make sure to send it to them as soon as it arrives.

Customers should be able to contact you easily in case they have a question, and the more ways they can contact you the better. Your contact information should be clearly displayed on your site (preferably at the top of the site) so that customers do not need to search the site to find it, which can be frustrating to customers.

Create a customer service system that is easy to manage. Set up a ticket system so that you and the customer can both see the status of the ticket and how and when it was answered.

Admit Mistakes
If you have made a mistake, do not ignore or deny it. Apologize to customers and do whatever you can to resolve the problem and maintain customer satisfaction. Your customers will appreciate your honesty and effort to resolve the issue and keep them happy.

Get Feedback
Regularly ask your customers for feedback about what you offer and about their customer service experience. It is good to offer a customer service survey after a customer has had an interaction with a customer service representative. This allows the customer to share whether or not they had a good experience and what might be improved.

Long Term Success
Your customer service plan should focus on the long-term success of your business. Keep in mind that satisfied customers can be loyal to your brand for a long time and will tell their friends about your company through word of mouth and social media.

A coach can help you to create a successful customer service plan for your business.


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