Developing a good hiring process for your business that attracts the right candidates and evaluates them in key areas is essential to the success of your business. Here are some tips.

1. Finding Candidates with The Right Qualities
List 20 qualities, talents and abilities that you want to have in a new hire and use this list to evaluate candidates during the interview process. For example, if you are looking to hire a video editor, you would find out the types of programs they can work with and the type of videos they have worked on. It is also best to get examples of work done whenever possible.

2. Test the Skills of Your Candidates
In your hiring process, trust nothing and test everything. For example, if you want someone to do cold calling for you, test them on how well they can do a cold call. It is best to test candidates on things that they will actually be doing on
 the job rather than giving them general employee tests.

3. Write Effective Job Descriptions
Finding the right candidates begins with writing clear job descriptions. However, avoid writing very long lists of responsibilities and requirements because this has actually been found to alienate qualified employees. Also, describe some benefits that the candidate will get on
 the job such as collaborating with a talented team of people.

4. Check the Candidate’s Social Media Presence
Checking the social media profiles of your candidate can help you to find out more about them as a person and as a potential employee. You can use Google to search the name of the candidate and also see if they have a LinkedIn profile where they have details about themselves and their past work. You might also find that they have an online portfolio, website, or blog.

5. Find the Right Personality for the Job
Having the right technical skills for a job is important but having a candidate that has a personality that fits a job and company culture can also be important.

Also give candidates the opportunity to ask questions during and at the end of the job interview. This will allow you to see more of their personality and it will help answer questions for both sides.

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