“If your team is going to win, you need to play better than the other quarterback.”
Peyton Manning, Quarterback, Indianapolis Colts


This is the first of three blogs that will address simple strategies for getting yourself off to a good start. Some of them are conceptual, and some are activities or resolutions that will keep your business healthy and fit.

The first step is to look backward. Take a few minutes to analyze what worked before. Some things to review are:

  • Where did you make money?
  • What products sold the best?
  • What key decisions did you make that improved your bottom line?
  • What systems or processes did you change that resulted in greater efficiency or cost reduction?
  • What lessons did you learn that you can take into 2010?
  • What risks did you take that paid off?

Make a list of things that worked and acknowledge your success in those areas.

Next, look at what didn’t work. Did you have employees that didn’t function as a team? Did you have expenses that trended sharply upward? Where did you lose money or time? Make a list of these things and rank how they impacted your bottom line.

Once you have a handle on what worked and what didn’t in the past,  it’s time to look forward and make a comprehensive plan. Here are some key questions to ask yourself when developing your winning strategy:

  • What is your primary goal or company directive?
  • What is the biggest challenge your company faces in the coming year?
  • What is your sales target? Your net profit target?
  • What percentage growth are you after?
  • Are you ready to commit to your company’s plan? What does being committed to that plan look like?

There are bound to be questions that are germane to your particular business or industry. make a list and be honest with yourself about possibilities and challenges that you face. Consider working with a business coach who will hold you accountable for your intentions and keep you on the path to winning results.

Are you ready to win?

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