“Fear melts when you take action toward a goal you really want.”
Robert G. Allen, Business, Financial and Motivational Author

It’s that time of year when all good salespeople are working hard to meet the sales goals they set eleven months ago. It’s also a good time to review our results from the past year and use what we’ve learned as we plan for 2011.

We work with people to craft sales intentions, and then use those intentions as tools to structure their sales actions. A sales target should not just be picked out of the air…it should be a well thought out combination of what’s possible and what’s unprecedented. When we say unprecedented, we are pointing toward that all important stretch, an intention that the salesperson may not necessarily know how to achieve. At Possibilities Unlimited, we firmly believe that when you open up an unprecedented sales intention, it allows the salesperson to become much more creative in designing the actions that will deliver on that intention.

That doesn’t mean that the goal should be unattainable. If you sell lemonade at 50 cents a glass , you should not plan on selling a billion dollars worth of lemonade. Rather, an unprecedented sales number should be something that exceeds a predictable increase. If you already know how to increase your sales by 5% (make 3 more calls a week, work a few extra hours) then that goal doesn’t present enough of a stretch. We challenge people to take on intentions that go beyond what they already know how to do. It’s only then that salespeople can open up to new possibilities for delivering on those intentions. Here are some things to consider when developing your sales intentions:

  1. Will this target get me to my desired result?
  2. What are the sales actions I will need to take to achieve this target?
  3. How much time will those actions require?
  4. Where is that time scheduled in my calendar?
  5. What additional resources do I need in order to deliver on my intention?

Whether your sales targets are set for you or you set them yourself, it’s a good idea to create a concrete plan for meeting those targets. You must design the sales actions that will add up to you hitting the numbers. You may need to do things differently than you ever have before. It’s a time to consider trying new things such as:

  1. Hiring an assistant to make additional calls or provide administrative support.
  2. Joining networking groups that can yield additional leads.
  3. Designing new marketing materials that appeal to new segments of your market.
  4. Researching and pursuing new clients that have higher dollar buying thresholds.

Once you have selected a sales intention, it’s easy to become overwhelmed at the thought of how to achieve it. As coaches, we work with our clients to keep them in action on their intentions, and bring to light new possibilities for those actions. It always helps to have someone to keep you on the path that will yield results, instead of reverting to the same old systems that did not get you where you wanted to go.

If you would like support in designing your sales actions and your targets for 2011, give us a call. We have an excellent track record in coaching our clients to breakthrough results. Schedule an introductory assessment, and lay the groundwork for winning the game of business in 2011. Are you ready to win?


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