Would it surprise you if I said the more breakdowns, the better?

A breakdown is something that prevents a result you want to happen from occurring.  The more breakdowns you manage well, the more successes and breakthroughs you will experience – and the more you will grow. Larger companies have existence systems that can handle more breakdowns than smaller businesses.  So as your business grows, you need to make sure that the breakdowns that it can handle are growing along with the size of your company.

As soon as we identify a goal, such as wanting to make more sales, obstacles typically come to our mind.  We may think that there are not enough leads to make more sales, or maybe we think that we don’t have enough time to call more prospects.  These obstacles can be considered breakdowns.

When we address breakdowns and brainstorm ideas for solving them, we move towards achieving our goals.  When brainstorming, ask yourself why it is that you do not already have the thing that you want. If you don’t feel like you have enough leads then perhaps you need to find other methods for looking for them or consider other places where you could find them. If you don’t feel like you have enough time, consider how you might make more time. What parts of your time are you not spending effectively? What are the things that you can take out of your schedule or change to make them more efficient and less time-consuming?

Make sure that you breakdowns are kept a priority by taking consistent actions towards your intentions and goals.  When you put a breakdown on the back burner and not address it, you will lose track of it and your goal will likely disappear along with it. Even when a business is doing well, there are still breakdowns present that need to be dealt with, and by dealing with them, you will improve your business systems.

Rate areas of your business, such as your sales system form a scale of 1-10.  If you rate an area as a 10, try recalibrating the number from a 10 to a 5. What would your new 10 look like?  By recalibrating the number, you create room for improvement.

Success Story:

I have a client who rated his sales department at a nine because they regularly created individual sales of five to ten thousand dollars. I asked him to recalibrate that sales level to a five and invent a new ten. He decided that his sales department would be outstanding when they generated 25 to 50 thousand dollar sales on a regular basis.

As a result of this recalibration, he changed his marketing plan and adjusted his target market and more than doubled his monthly sales.

When thinking about your breakdowns, also think long-term.  What breakdowns can you identify for your company to continue operating in the next 150-200 years?

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